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Just Love is a program of Springing Families Forward a non-profit 501 c 3 organization designed to provide resources to the homeless community in the DFW area. 

There are up to 6,500 homeless people in the D/FW area. While many of them find shelter most nights, as many as 1,500 of them are considered “unsheltered.” That’s 1,500 men, women, and children living on the streets, 80% are mostly men. This program supplies resources for men and families who are going through crisis such as homelessness, unemployment, mental and physical

health issues in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

Resources to be provided include:

- Hot meals

- Groceries

- Clothes

- Medical supplies

- Mental health referrals

- Utility referrals

- Job Preparation & Job Skills training

- Weekly Coaching Sessions

We believe that supplying resources is the key to restoration,

redemption, and sustainable change for everyone. We invest in the emotional, personal, and professional development of people, restoring and equipping them to intentional living. We believe that in empowering and coaching people toward excellence, we impact the quality of all we do.

Various factors lead to homelessness — job loss, eviction, family

tragedy, addiction, domestic violence, a major health condition, and more. The common denominator is a major crack in their life foundation. Our programs are designed to meet people where life has led them and help them live a sustainable life.

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Mario Choice

Program Director

Mario Choice, a resident of Arlington TX is the founder and driving force behind Just Love. His passion for men and their well-being has led him to implementing this program. 

He currently holds a 

Bachelor of Science in Corrections/Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Urban Education.

An Ordained Pastor, Mario has many years of experiences providing spiritual, educational and rehabilitation services to underserved populations. His vision is to increase the resources to the homeless population and serve men in all aspects of their journey to wellness. Not only does he desire to provide them with material items, but he desires to address their educational and mental health needs as well. 


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